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About Us

Java Jammy was started in 2010 when co-owner Linnea Stanhope was looking for a means to help fund her volunteer trips overseas to work with orphans and refugee children. Being conservation minded and an avid sewer she saw a need for reducing paper waste by making reusable coffee cup sleeves. She began selling Java Jammys at her local Farmers Market in 2010. She can still be found there on an odd Saturday when the weather is nice.

Linnea’s passion infused her home (along with lots of fabric) and inspired her partner George Bailey to become part of the business. The two work from their home office just outside of Missoula, Montana.  They hope reusable coffee sleeves will catch on so that every coffee retailer will offer them as choice to consumers.

ps - sales thus far allowed Linnea to travel to Ghana in April 2011 and help children in the Lake Volta region. These children are been sold by their families as slaves for as little as $30 out of desperation to feed and house themselves. There are a handful of groups in Ghana extracting the children from slavery, providing a safe home and education.

Java Jammy
PO Box 7971
Missoula, MT 59808

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